Whether you are receiving care in your home, facility or work, the healing benefits of 1-on-1 physical therapy treatment is clear.


Each MTS in-home visit provides up to ONE FULL HOUR of treatment directly with a licensed physical therapist. Many clinics are treating 3-4 patients per hour using non-licensed aides to perform the exercise instruction. This negatively impacts the quality of the visit and ultimately the outcomes of care. With an MTS treatment, your care is one-on-one start to finish.



In today’s world, infection control has become a necessity. So why enter a busy clinic that is treating hundreds of patients per week, when you can have one trained professional come to your home? Our therapists are ready to help and versed in complete MTS sanitation procedures. We understand the risks and your health is our #1 priority.


Performing daily exercises at home is a critical part of the healing cycle. With MTS in-home treatment, our therapists will provide a home exercise program unique to your needs and review those exercises so you know exactly what to do. It has been proven this type of direct, on-site instruction improves patient follow through leading to quicker and more complete healing results.


Safety is a primary concern for MTS and the community it serves. With our in-home treatment, patients are not required to risk driving to an outpatient clinic while in pain or during fragile healing times. MTS therapists can also directly address any safety concerns in the home, limiting the chance of a fall or other unexpected injury.



What could be better than receiving care in the privacy of your own home? With an outpatient clinic visit, patients are often uncomfortable wearing shorts, medical gowns and sharing space with strangers. With MTS, your care is 100% HIPAA privacy compliant. This means your treatment is always confidential between you and your physical therapist.


MTS therapists have been carefully selected for exceptional skills and high quality customer service. In addition, each therapist goes through a background check and training with MTS leadership. We’re working to be the team you trust. This is physical therapy at its best!

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Specializing in post-surgical rehabilitation, spine care, muscle/joint/nerve pain, stroke/neurological diseases, balance/fall risk, cardiac rehabilitation and more.