Tired of the busy, stressful caseload in the clinic? Looking for an independent yet supportive work environment that aligns with your vision? MTS might be the place for you!

The MTS model of mobile ‘outpatient’ physical therapy not only adds value for the patient and their referring physician, but it strengthens our profession of physical therapy.

We are a team of dedicated medical professionals that treat each patient like a family member in need.

Here are some key benefits of getting involved with MTS.


Imagine an independent work day without a clinical director watching your every move. And during travel between patients, you can listen to your favorite podcast or stream a great book.


Our staff is paid by the visit. When compared to an hourly wage in a clinic, MTS will prove more fruitful than most outpatient settings. Who couldn't use some extra income?


MTS clinicians treat 5-6 patient visits/day. As we all know, this is less than half the care volume of a typical clinic which equals half the paperwork. Keep the stress levels low and find that work/life balance!


Autonomy doesn't mean you're alone. We are dedicated to staff culture, mentorship and professional development. Time is consistently set aside to support our team and better our service.

Have questions? Interested in getting involved?

Reach out and let’s start a conversation!