Mobile Therapy Specialists has been so helpful to me.  They were recommended by my doctor because they come to your home. Not only is it difficult for me to travel to a clinic, I don’t want to be in a busy place worrying about a large group of people.  My physical therapist is personable, extremely knowledgeable and patient, trustworthy, and always on time.  And rather than only receiving 15-20 minutes with a therapist in a clinic, I get a full hour one-on-one with my therapist!  It has been so nice to receive treatment in my home. And the best part is Medicare and my supplement cover the treatment cost 100%.  I would recommend Mobile Therapy Specialists and their physical therapists to anyone in need.


Jeanne K. – Huntington Beach

I just completed sessions of physical therapy with Mobile Therapy Specialists for chronic shoulder pain and I must share with you that it was a great experience start to finish. From the first phone call to schedule they were very professional, pleasant, accommodating and displayed genuine interest and concern for my needs. Lee Perkins was my therapist and he arrived right on time and immediately reviewed his infection control processes before entering my home. He was 100% prepared and orchestrated an experience that was very specific to my needs and goals. He was a great active listener and really took the time to understand exactly what I needed.

This process led to a very positive and more than satisfactory conclusion. Lee would even call me between visits to check in and make sure I didn’t have any questions about the exercise plan. This is something you just don’t find the medical world these days! All in all, I was very pleased and would definitely use Mobile Therapy Specialists again for any future injuries. I am extremely happy to be able to return to my active lifestyle!

Ron W – Newport Beach

My family and I have had the privilege of having Patrick Klick PT with Mobile Therapy Specialists as a vital part of “Team Mom” – which is comprised of facility staff, medical professionals, and our family. He has treated our mother on numerous occasions in both skilled nursing and memory care facility settings. His level of expertise and professionalism is surpassed only by his genuine concern and compassionate care for his patients.

As mom’s medical needs for therapy shift, Patrick meets these changes head on with goals that are realistic and doable for her. And at each stage, the results are evident and rewarding… even when others say it’s likely not possible. Plus, mom genuinely looks forward to seeing Patrick. She knows that he takes a personal interest in her, assured of his calming presence, utmost respect, and mindfulness of her personal dignity.

Since March 13, mom’s memory care facility has been on lockdown amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Patrick has consistently advocated for physical therapy as vital and essential to mom’s health and wellbeing. It’s been 200+ long, painful days (for mom and us) since we’ve held her hand. Truly, Patrick is a lifeline during these difficult times as we are still limited to visits with mom from an outside window. He’s conducted each therapy session with diligent adherence to safety standards set by CMS, state and local health agencies, and the facility to mitigate the risk of exposure to mom.

Presently, his treatment sessions focus on turning the tide on the significant decline in mom’s condition due to this forced isolation. With great care and intention, he is working to get mom back to sitting up in her wheelchair, opening up her clinched fist, straightening her neck, regaining her balance while sitting up, and so much more.

One of Patrick’s most recent sessions with mom epitomizes his professionalism and passion for his patients. He had mom sitting up in her wheelchair. He combed her hair, put her glasses on, and rolled her to the window so she didn’t have to strain to hear or see me. He had her smiling. I wept. In these unprecedented times, Patrick is making a visible difference in mom’s mental and physical wellbeing. What a blessing!

As a family actively involved in mom’s care, the ease of scheduling appointments with Patrick and even his billing processes are yet another reason we love working with him. Patrick does what he says he’s going to do, making it a real pleasure to work with him. If only that could be said of every professional in the geriatric world of mom’s care.

That’s why I have referred Mobile Therapy Specialists to the families of other residents at mom’s facility as well as to a transition of care navigator at a leading hospital in the area. I can’t say enough about the personal and professional vitality Patrick brings to mom – and to our family.

With confidence and enthusiasm, I recommend Patrick and Mobile Therapy Specialists to provide quality therapy solutions with unquestionable standards of excellence – delivered with uncommon, compassionate care.

Lorraine O – daughter of Newport Memory Care patient

I feel very fortunate that I can now receive physical therapy at home from Mobile Therapy Specialists. It is not only time-saving, but the longer one on one sessions, as compared to going to a physical therapy facility, are much more productive period. I have only had two or three sessions and I already notice the improvement.

Lee Perkins is as professional as you could hope for. He arrives on time, is masked and carefully sanitizes the portable table and other equipment he brings with him. If I need to contact him between sessions if I have any questions or need to reschedule, he is very responsive and accommodating.

Over the years, I have had physical therapy for many issues, most relating to having played basketball until my early 60s. I have never had a therapist as knowledgeable as Lee who can explain the human body and how it works as clearly as he can. I truly appreciate the program, with diagrams and explanations, that he works up for me to use on my own between sessions. He usually sends me the program by the evening of the day when I have just had a session so his explanation is still clear in my mind.

In other words, without any reservations, I am pleased to highly recommend mobile therapy specialists to anyone in need of physical therapy.

Stewart S. – Laguna Beach

I am 74 and have always been active and involved in swimming and other sports.  This part of my life is crucial to my overall well-being.  A recent torn gluteus medius and a recurring spinal stenosis issue were severely altering the quality of my life.   Thankfully, I was recently introduced to Lee Perkins with Mobile Therapy Specialists by a friend who has known him for many years and gave him high marks for his skill at PT.  Hearing also that Lee would come to my house in the age of Covid19 was the clincher and I gave him a call.

When he first came to my house and I opened the door, Lee had a mask on, was more than 10 feet back, and had his table and bag with him.  He lifted his mask for a moment so I could see his face before replacing it after introducing himself.  I was struck by this thoughtful and professional beginning.

He set up his table, listened to my physical story and Doctor’s diagnosis, and then had me walk to assess the issue for himself.  I started to relax as he tested my legs and began working on me.

My sessions have been a surprising full hour.  He listens, answers questions I have and explains fully what he is doing when I am on the table.  He has given me printed sheets of the exercises I need to do daily, personally models them, and watches carefully as I go through the exercises to make sure I am doing them correctly.  He does push me but not uncomfortably so.

Lee has come to my home several times now and I feel so much better under his care, I have been following the daily exercises he carefully and individually planned for me and am so pleased and relieved with the results. I am always comfortable with him and always look forward to his visits.

I know I am healing well and have been given a plan that I can work with the rest of my life to let me live my best life.   What a gift Lee and this experience has been. I recommend him and Mobile Therapy Specialists to anyone unconditionally.


Nancy B – Laguna Beach

Patrick Klick, co-owner of MTS (Mobile Therapy Specialists), has treated my husband after a fall that caused hemorrhaging in his brain. My husband also has existing Parkinson’s disease.

Patrick helped my husband in his recovery and mobility and the results were immediate. Not only did his physical recovery improve, but his mental status also improved.

Patrick’s demeanor is positive and patient. His wide knowledge and experience in physical therapy certainly makes him a most valuable physical therapist.

Anyone able to receive his services is certainly fortunate.

-Dorothy T.

I have been working with Patrick Klick, co-owner of Mobile Therapy Specialists (MTS). He has been a fantastic asset for me for quite some time now. I had a very bad fall at home resulting in both body and traumatic brain injuries. I lost cognitive functioning and mobility and was mostly bed bound for over 9 months. With Patrick’s help, I was able to relearn to walk, improve strength and balance and most importantly, return to an independent lifestyle. Patrick and the MTS team bring a high quality and personal approach to physical therapy. They fully understand and practice PT as a balanced body and mind approach. I highly recommend Patrick and MTS to anyone who requires physical therapy service. It will improve your quality of life.


-Mike L.