Frequently Asked Questions


How is MTS care different from a regular physical therapy clinic?

We are mobile so we bring the treatment directly to you. This allows your therapist to conveniently work with you in the safety and privacy of familiar surroundings. You will also receive up to one hour of care directly with your therapist. This type of care simply cannot be found in most physical therapy clinics.

I prefer getting out of the house. Does MTS have any clinics?

Yes! We offer clinic locations in both Costa Mesa and Irvine and provide the same high caliber quality care we are known for.

What are MTS sanitation procedures and how do you protect patients from COVID-19?

Our infection control standards are far superior than a busy physical therapy clinic which sees hundreds of strangers coming and going every week. Before each in-home visit, our MTS clinicians follow the current CDC guidelines to completely sanitize themselves and their equipment before arriving at your home. This includes wiping down equipment that will be used with a spray disinfectant and using hand sanitizer from the elbows down. They will also wear a medical grade face mask throughout treatment and perform a temperature check before starting their work day.

What insurances do you accept?

MTS is an approved ‘primary’ Medicare Part B provider. This is the standard Medicare coverage most have – the red/white and blue card. Unfortunately we do NOT accept Medicare Advantage or Medicare HMO plans. If you have insurance other than primary Medicare Part B, we can provide a superbill you can submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement. Please make sure to check with your insurance company regarding your benefits as ultimately it is your responsibility to understand what is covered.

Do I need a doctor referral to get treatment?

For private pay services you do not. As a Medicare patient, we will need to receive a signed Plan Of Care from your doctor once you complete the evaluation. This ensures Medicare will cover the cost of your treatment visits. Contact our office and we will work through it with you. 949.529.1567

Is MTS care more expensive than a regular physical therapy clinic visit?

No, we accept Medicare payment in full so there is NO cost to you and we do not charge any additional fees for coming to your home. If you do not have Medicare, our private pay rates are comparable with outpatient physical therapy clinics in the area.

What type of patient injuries and ailments does MTS treat?

We are fully versed in all types of patient ailments and treat most everything including post-surgical patients, spine care, muscle/joint/nerve pain, stroke/neurological diseases, balance/fall risk, cardiac rehab and more. We work with patients 9 – 99 years of age and will pair you with a clinician that is experienced in your unique needs.

Can you see patients who are currently receiving Medicare covered home health services?

No, traditional home health services and our mobile outpatient physical therapy care cannot overlap. MTS is an approved Medicare Part B provider and if you are currently in a Home Health Episode (either nursing or therapy) this falls under Medicare Part A. We cannot provide our mobile outpatient services until this Home Health Episode has concluded.

What do I need to prepare for my first visit?

Just simply complete our New Patient Forms once you have scheduled an appointment. Your therapist will bring any necessary equipment to perform a thorough evaluation and treatment. All we ask is to make sure your injured area is accessible with loose clothing.

What cities/areas do you serve?

We currently cover coastal and some south/inland areas of Orange County. Our vision is to cover all of Orange County in the near future. Please feel free to contact our office to see if your area is currently covered.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out!  949.529.1567